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GMS - 207

Cut and Emboss

  • Table Size;A4 (210mm x 300mm)

  • 415 volt operated

  • Rigid construction

  • Hydraulic version

  • Regulator for pressure control with gauge

  • Electronic control for process time

  • Mechanical stopper to control Embossing depth

  • Kiss cutting concept to minimise noise level and no impact effect on shop floor

  • Heater power : 1650 watt

  • Mechanical depth adjuster accuracy : 0.025mm

  • Parallelism adjuster for top and bottom die fixing plate


  • Embossing upto A4 size

  • Cut cum emboss (hard tool)

  • For recutting dies with safety bushes

  • Tussel Cutting

  • Clicking dies with fibre board

  • Vamp Perforation

GMS - 602

Gluing WB.gif
Zip Cutting WB_edited.jpg
Strap Cutting 500 WB.gif
  • Strap cutting width up to 300mm

  • Collapsible table for hassle less material feeding

  • Fiber roller can be adjusted horizontally upto 10mm

  • Top support shaft can be shifted for visibility while fixing the knife and spacer

  • Fiber roller dia 75mm can be used multiple times after shaving until 60mm

  • Our unique design avoids bending of the knife fixing shaft, as the knife fixing nut can be loosened by a spanner before detaching the top support shaft



  • Sizes available: 500mm width


Strap Cutting-300

GMS - 703

Roller Plating Machine

  • The 450mm width diamond polished roller is used for plating purpose.

  • Provided with speed variator

  • Available roller sizes - 600mm, 900mm

  • Pneumatically operated

  • Operating pressure -5 bar

  • Temperature controller to control temperature

  • Gap between rollers can be adjusted finely from 0.5mm - 5mm

GMS - 406

  • Pneumatically operated

  • Teeth removal of 30mm for common cutting

  • Teeth removal of 15 mm for side cutting

  • Tool can be easily changed

  • Scraps completely removed from the machine

  • Tools available for no.3 and no.5 zip

Zip Teeth Remover

GMS - 401

Edge Gluing

  • Portable

  • 415V Operated

  • Robust Construction

  • Edge can be glued from 2mm to 40mm

  • Glue layer thickness can be adjusted finely

  • Skived edges can also be glued

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